February – April, 2013


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February – March – April 2013 Newsletter


We are now into the New Year as well we are into our New Year membership drives. If you have not paid your 2013 dues, please send that in soon.
I want to thank Sandy Gordinier, Auxiliary President, and all the Auxiliary ladies for their support of Legion activities, especially our Bingo and their own Bingo. But as you know we could always use more help with all our Bingo games.
Don’t forget our Fish Fry’s will be starting Feb 15, 2013. We welcome all the help we can get.
Thank you again to all officers, the Board of Directors, our Bingo crew and all the members that help out to keep our Post running. You are the best.

— Your Commander, Bill Leeser



OK, this time we really mean it! Our Post 323 Newsletters are available all the time, online, on the computer, on our website
This is the LAST newsletter that will be mailed out to ALL members through the United States Postal Service. Because there was confusion on the part of some members with the notice in the last newsletter, we will have one more mass mailing of this newsletter.
If you would like to continue getting your newsletters mailed to you, you MUST fill out the stub on this newsletter and MAIL it to us at the Post. We would appreciate it if you could use your computer to read our newsletters and keep up to date with Post activities. Newsletters, events, hall rentals, programs, calendar events. Links to other Legion activities such as the Auxiliary, Riders and baseball.

American Legion Post 323 Fish Fry
Every Friday
February 15, 2013 through Friday March 29, 2013
Serving Downstairs 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Plates are $8.00

Fish Plate (3 pieces of fish)                              Shrimp Plate (6 shrimp)
1/2 and 1/2 Plate (1 fish & 4 shrimp)
Plates include 2 sides & 2 hush puppies

Sandwiches are $4.00

Fish Sandwich (2 pieces of fish)                           Shrimp Sandwich (6 shrimp)
1/2 and 1/2 Sandwich (1 fish & 3 shrimp)

Sides are $2.00

Bakes Beans                      French Fries
Hush Puppies               Creamy Cole Slaw


For November, December ’12, January and February 2013; We had Board of Directors elections. All current members up for re-election were voted in by acclimation. Welcome again to our esteemed members: Rick Anslem, Rod Callaway, Ron Matlock and Pat Simmons. Veterans Day was celebrated at some of our local schools and nursing homes. Thank You to: Crossroads, Pine Ridge, Greentree, Heritage, St. Theodore. Flags were flown in town for Veterans Day and Martin Luther King Day. Our Buddy Supper was held on Nov 17th. The Post members marched in the Wentzville Christmas Day Parade on Dec 2nd. We rang the bell for the Salvation Army at Wal-Mart on Dec 5th & 6th. 3 National Commanders pictures were placed in the hallway at the post. High School Scholarship applications are due by mid-March. There will be a flag disposal ceremony here at the Post on March 23rd at 9AM. The 9th District Oratorical contest was on Sunday January 6th at the Warrenton Post 122. Don’t forget that the Blue Star Service Banner is available to any family member of a serviceman. The Post has committed to sending 10 boys to Boy’s State again this year. A plaque was presented to the Post from the Wentzville VFW as a token of gratitude for help with the Run for the Wall. A donation of $1,055.00 was made to our Boy Scout Troop for expenses. A stainless steel commercial refrigerator was purchased for the Post at a cost of $1,800. A onetime donation of 4500 was made to an individual’s mortgage company to help out in a time of need. The Post will be covering the cost of re-doing some of the baseball field at Fireman’s Park at a cost of $3,612. The Post will donate $8,600 to help cover the baseball team’s costs of operation. Dusty proposed to the membership that he be allowed to leave a little legacy to the Post of contributing, through a professional nursery, to add some greenery across the front of the building. Dusty will place the money in an escrow account with the Post to maintain the shrubs. The landscaping has begun. Tryout for the baseball teams has begun. The baseball teams are having a fund raiser in which they are selling discount tickets for local businesses. The birthday Dinner will be held at the Post on March 16th at 5:30.

The Commander read Thank You’s from: Carol Duquett, the K of C, Honor flight, Earth Angel Aviators, Lou Newbold family, our Auxiliary, Rothermich family.

Winners of the 50/50 drawing were: Bailey, Skillman and Matlock.

MEMBERSHIP: As of February’s meeting, we have 371 paid members.

SICK CALL: Please keep members Al Edder, Norm Schraer, Roland Temme in your thoughts and prayers.

TAPS: Please keep recently deceased Legionnaire Sylvester Rothermich and his family in your prayers.


02/15/13                     The first ‘Friday Fish Fry’ 4:30 to 6:30 at the Legion hall
02/20/13                      Voiture 1541 Promenade at Wentzville Post 323 @ 7:30pm
03/02/13                      Ladies Bingo. The doors open at 12:30 PM. Come out and support our Auxiliary.
03/07/13                      Legion Riders meeting @ 7:00pm
03/07/13                      Sons of the American Legion meeting @ 6:30pm
03/07/13                      Regular meeting of Post 323 @ 7:30pm
03/07/13                      Legion Auxiliary meets @ 6:30pm
03/20/13                      Voiture 1541 Promenade at Wentzville Post 323 @ 7:30pm
03/25/13                      Executive Board meeting @ 6:30pm & Board of Directors meeting @7:30pm
04/04/13                      Legion Riders meeting @ 7:00pm
04/04/13                      Sons of the American Legion meeting @ 6:30pm
04/04/13                      Regular meeting of Post 323 @ 7:30pm
04/04/13                      Legion Auxiliary meets @ 6:30pm
04/07/13                      Ladies Bingo. The doors open at 12:30 PM. Come out and support our Auxiliary.
04/20/13                      Voiture 1541 Promenade at Wentzville Post 323 @ 7:30pm
04/25/13                      Executive Board meeting @ 6:30pm & Board of Directors meeting @7:30pm

Commander, Bill Leeser                                                                              Adjutant, Dr. Geoff Norton


Corresponding Secretary, Shirley Dimicelli                                                  President,  Sandy Gordinier
March Servers: Nancy Ivan and Jane Reineger                                           April Servers: Bev Niehoff and Donna Loughbridge
Girls State: April 28th from 11AM to 3 PM                                                    Shopping Extravaganza – April 20th from 10AM to 2 PM

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