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November – December 2012 – January 2013 Newsletter

COMMANDER’S MESSAGE:  I always have people to thank for their hard work and this time is no exception. Post 323 had a very successful car show thanks to the dedication of those that met and planned for many months. On the day of the show, we had legionnaires, Auxiliary members, Sons of the American Legion and others all volunteering their time to have a welcoming and fun atmosphere for the car show participants. A good time was had by all! Your great planning and everyone’s hard work was definitely apparent. Thank You. I also want to thank Bob Phillips, our Sgt. At Arms, for his hard work coordinating our part in the several parades, opening ceremonies and flag raising during the past few months. Thank you, also, to all those that participated in these many events. Every time Post 323 members are involved in community events it is good advertisement for the Post.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Enjoy your Freedom, family and friends. Give thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Your Commander, Bill Leeser

MEETING HIGHLIGHTS:  For August, September and October; NEC Rich Heigert reported that money from the gaming boats has been returned to fund our veteran’s nursing homes so that they will not have to close. Ed Jones visited the Mexico nursing home and reported that they need books and magazines for the vets to read. So instead of pitching your used reading material or recycling them, drop them off at the nursing home. The Post purchased 340 new chairs. The health inspector gave our facility a score of 95 and a certificate of merit was posted. Bathroom doors need to be replaced, to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, at a cost of $2,142.  A new waterline was run to the outside, in the downstairs back area .T-shirts for the Post were discussed and passed and purchased and are available for purchase at the Post. A donation of $500 was made to the Special Olympics of Wentzville Sports to help with transportation and equipment. A donation of $800 was made to help with Honor Flight. New 8’ and 4’ tables were purchased at a cost of $1,794. 4 newly designed smoke-eaters were purchased at a cost of $1,088 each. Replacing the filters in the older units was getting very expensive.

Aerobics for Seniors will be held at the Post on M, W & F. Baseball had their fall tryouts. An unpaid fee was made to an umpire from the baseball account. Clayton Ream gave the membership a personal statement to thank the Post for sending him to Boys State.

The Commander read Thank You’s from: Matt Hecky (Boys State Juniors), the Chrons and Colits foundation, Southwest Baptist University for Amanda Welker’s scholarship, MO Valley College for Roy Wolfrum’s scholarship. We are listed in the Village of the Blue Rose newsletter for our “significant “ donation.

Dusty gave us more history on the post including: a certificate from the MO National Guard for our Military Honors, 92 members had served in Korea – 190 served during Viet Nam – 7 served in Panama and only 25 so far who have served during the War on Terror (do you know anybody who would like to join our Post???), over the years we have received over $10,000 in compensation for funeral services.

Winners of the 50-50 drawings were Tony Conway ($38), Vic Neunaber ($35) and Richard Qeustoff ($37). Al Elder won the progressive in August ($193.50). The progressive jackpot is up to $112.

!!!!WE ARE ONLINE!!!!   Our internet address is . We will be getting wireless internet at the Post shortly. The new web site will be full of great information. It will be a place to go to read newsletters. There will be a place for a new member to get enrollment forms to join. There is a link to the National site. You can contact the Post online with questions. There are event calendars to see what is going on at the Post. Even Bingo information can be found at our website. 

MEMBERSHIP: As of October we have 282 members paid and reached 74.2% members paid. Thanks everyone for helping us meet and beat membership goals.

We want to welcome our newest members: Allen Atkins, Kyle Creech, Robert Gray, Oliver Hatton, Robert Heien, Douglas House, Tyson House, Brian Skinner, Jim Stone, Tony Williams and Michael Czarnecki, and to the latest transfers to our post Robert Miller and William Austin. WELCOME to all of you and hope to see you at our meetings and other activities.

SICK CALL: Please keep members Bill Ulery in your thoughts and prayers. Also keep Auxiliary member Murriel Cox in your thoughts and prayers.  If you know of any other Legionnaires on sick call or distress, contact our chaplain.

TAPS: Please keep recently deceased Legionnaire Chuck Duquette and his family members in your thoughts and prayers.

ELECTION OF BOARD OFFICERS:  All current officers are running again for the next term. Voting will commence at the next regular Post meeting on December 6, 2012 at 7:30 PM.

CAR SHOW: Our 10th annual car show was a great success. We had 10 new members sign up on that day. Prior to expenses the car show made $5,447.

HELP NEEDED:  Bob Phillips, our Sgt-at-arms continues to do a fantastic job, even though it can be frustrating getting members to help out at certain times. Post 323 has always had the honor of leading the high school home coming parades and raising the flag at the home football games for both high schools. We would like to continue to do so, so….we need more volunteers to help out. There has been discussion of discontinuing our presence at these events due to poor member participation. Please consider giving a little of your time for an important post function. The exact dates will be announced later. See Bob at our meetings or call him at 636-327-5635.  GET INVOLVED!


2013 SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS: The Lillie Lois Ford Scholarship Fund, the M.D. “Jack” Murphy Memorial Nurses Training Fund, the Joseph J. Frank Scholarship, the Charles L. Bacon Memorial Scholarship, the Erman W. Taylor Memorial Scholarship and the Shane Dean Voyles Memorial Scholarship. The deadline to apply for these scholarships is April 20, 2013. If you have any questions about these scholarships, contact the Post 323.


12/02/12                      Christmas Parade 5:30 PM

12/02/12                      Ladies Bingo. The doors open at 12:30 PM. Come out and support our Auxiliary.

12/02/12                      Ninth District meeting

12/03/12                      Legion Riders meeting @ 7:00pm

12/06/12                      Sons of the American Legion meeting @ 6:30pm

12/06/12                      Regular meeting of Post 323 @ 7:30pm

12/06/12                      Legion Auxiliary meets @ 6:30pm

12/19/12                      Voiture 1541 Promenade at Wentzville Post 323 @ 7:30pm

12/21/12                      BINGO attendance prize of a Flat Screen TV at Fridays Bingo

01/02/2013                  Executive Board meeting @ 6:30pm & Board of Directors meeting @7:30pm

01/03/2013                  Sons of the American Legion meeting @ 6:30pm

01/03/2013                  Regular meeting of Post 323 @ 7:30pm

01/03/2013                  Legion Auxiliary meets @ 6:30pm

01/06/13                      Ladies Bingo. The doors open at 12:30 PM. Come out and support our Auxiliary

01/16/13                      Voiture 1541 Promenade at Wentzville Post 323 @ 7:30pm

01/28/13                      Executive Board meeting @ 6:30pm & Board of Directors meeting @7:30pm



Commander                                                                                                                Adjutant
Bill Leeser                                                                                                                   Dr. Geoff Norton




Have  GREAT  Holiday season!

Corresponding Secretary                                                                                           President
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